I will put aside fear for courage, and death for life, when it is right to do so - till Universe's end. (c) Диана Дуэйн
Текст еще одной песни, The Abbey of Synn. Она представляет особый интерес тем, что написана Арьеном под впечатлением от фильма "Имя розы".

The Abbey of Synn

Once upon a time as in ancient history
High upon a hill in a shroud of mystery
Loomed the abbey as we journeyed through the night
And wended our way towards the light

As we entered through the gates
We heard the silent calls
There was something evil
That lurked within these walls
As I relive my days in this godforsaken place
All that appears before me now...is her face

Another man died today like the ones before
With blackened tongue and blackened finger
Within the labyrinth behind the bolted door
Lies the answer to our mystery


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