Forever of the Stars
We must resolve this human equation (c) Ayreon
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The words “finished the Ayreon story” cause a ruckus amongst the fans every time they’re uttered. So for the record, is Ayreon really over or will there be a new album at some point?

“I get mails every day about that,” says Lucassen. “As for whether there will be another Ayreon album, I’m never sure. Ten years could go by before I decide to do another one. I have to say that a lot of the reviews for 01 said it had some cool moments but it had that typical Ayreon sound, that there was nothing new being offered, and I think I can agree with that. I decided I’m going to stop with this Ayreon story, with this sound, and concentrate on other projects first. Then, if I decide to go back to Ayreon I’ll do something different with it. I have no idea how (laughs), but if there’s going to be another one it should be different.”

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AYREON – Когда гаснет свет.
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By Carl Begai
Я встретился с лидером Ayreon Арьеном Лукассеном некоторое время назад, чтобы обсудить некоторые темы, включая последний диск Ayreon, 01011001, компиляцию Timeline, выпущенную в конце 2008 г., и его новый проект Guilt Machine. Это была неофициальная встреча с целью выяснения фактов, выходящих за рамки обычных рутинных вопросов прессы. Огромная благодарность Арьену за то, что нашел время для этого разговора, я это высоко оценил.

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