Forever of the Stars
We must resolve this human equation (c) Ayreon
Для тех, кто не является мегакиноманами, но кому интересно, по мотивам каких фильмов написан последний альбом Star One:
* Down the Rabbit Hole - Introductory Song/The Matrix (In allusion to Alice in Wonderland)
* Digital Rain - The Matrix
* Earth That Was - Firefly / Serenity
* Victim of the Modern Age - A Clockwork Orange
* Human See, Human Do - Planet of the Apes
* 24 Hours - Escape from New York
* Cassandra Complex - 12 Monkeys
* It's Alive, She's Alive, We're Alive - Children of Men
* It All Ends Here - Blade Runner
* As the Crow Dies - The Road
* Two Plus Two Equals Five - Nineteen Eighty-Four
* Lastday - Logan's Run
* Closer to the Stars - Gattaca
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